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Autumn Update



Membership and professional standards. Have you taken action?


Thousands of members have completed the online confirmation process for our new professional standards and membership categories. Have you?


If you haven’t, take two minutes and do so now by clicking the link below. It will take you straight into the appropriate section in My Institute and simply follow the steps outlined.

Confirm my membership and commitment to professional standards



T.K. Whitaker scholarship awarded


The inaugural T.K. Whitaker scholarship has been awarded to Paul Monahan, a Strategy and Planning Manager at permanent tsb.


This new scholarship will be awarded annually to the top placed candidate on the Professional Diploma in Banking. It was established by the Institute earlier this year in recognition of Dr. Whitaker’s immense contribution to the state. The scholarship is to a UCD graduate programme.

Read more about the scholarship here



A Titanic experience


Last month, we enjoyed a special event in the hugely impressive Titanic Belfast. Our guest speaker on the night was Elaine Birchall, Group Chief Executive of the SHS Group, one of Northern Ireland’s leading indigenous businesses. Elaine spoke candidly about her background and education as well as sharing some of the key insights she’s gleaned from her international business career.

We’ve picked six to share with you here



It makes cents


Did you know that Wednesday was roll out day for rounding? This means we will begin receiving change in cash rounded off to the nearest 5 cent. In an entertaining and informative article, Dr. Ronnie O’Toole explains why and what we can do with all our redundant one and two cent coins.

Our photo shows Dermot O'Toole, Maxol, Miriam O'Callaghan, Dr Ronnie O'Toole and Gerry Prizeman, Bank of Ireland

Read more about rounding here



Meet a member…


In each newsletter we feature one of our members. This newsletter it’s the turn of Daniel Kirby who works in AIB in Galway and is currently studying for his QFA Pensions exam.

Meet Daniel



…now meet one of our team…


This newsletter we’d like you to introduce you to Deirdre Hendrick who is the Examinations Officer and a dedicated basketball player.

Meet Deirdre



Coping with change


These days change is a constant. However, that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with. Here we share some advice and good practice for coping with change at work.

Read more here



What’s motivating you?


As a professional education body, we’re always curious about why people choose to pursue one of our programmes. What motivates them? Encouragement from those in work? Strategic career planning? Or do they just like learning?


Here, we speak with Clive Worley from permanent tsb who is studying for the Professional Certificate in People Management this academic year.

Read what motivated Clive